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The Clean Living Company


The Bone Broth 21 Day Diet

The Clean Living Company

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The Clean Living Company


The Clean Living Company use only the finest and purest ingredients

The Clean Living Company


About us

  1. Who is The Clean Living Company?

    The Clean Living Co was founded by Dean and George, who saw how confusing the health and wellbeing landscape was and wanted to do something about it. With so much conflicting information out there, they wanted to cut to the chase and find out what truly works. They knew that what people eat, or what they give their children to eat, impacts health massively. Where better to start in order to really change lives?

    Bone broth is only the beginning for a company that strives to take care of its customers far beyond today or tomorrow. Watch this space for new ways to revolutionize health - always evidence-based and always in your best interest.

  2. Want to fill up without getting weighed down?

    Bone broth delivers essential vitamins, minerals, and amino acids in every savory spoonful. Following the ancient tradition of slow boiling bones to release their powerful ingredients, this superfood is used to stave off disease, heal joints, improve metabolic health, and ease digestive discomfort—in other words, for a longer, lighter, more energetic, bloat-free life. No wonder it’s fast become a diet staple for wellness gurus, starlets, models, and pro athletes. Call it the elixir of health.

  3. Why Choose Us?

    Sustainably Imported, Meticulously Prepared.

    We source the best organic, free-range bones and the freshest vegetables to create the most flavorsome and wholesome blend on the market. Designed to aid weight loss, increase energy, and, above all, facilitate internal healing, our broth is brewed for 24 hours to ensure the utmost nourishment in every batch.